Maggie Valley Craft Shows will no longer be doing craft shows in the future. We have canceled our contract with the town of Maggie Valley and have recommended the Maggie Valley Chamber
of Commerce to take over the shows. The town has approved the Chamber and the Chamber has agreed to take over the 2015 Maggie Valley Labor Day Weekend Craft Show. There are no plans for the October Leaves Craft Show at this time.

If you wish to do the 2015 Labor Day Weekend Craft Show please contact the Maggie Valley Chamber of Commerce at or at Maggie Valley Chamber, PO Box 279, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, phone 828-926-1686, 800-624-4431.


The Smoky Mountain Railroad is in negotiations with an individual to promote the Great Smoky Mountain Craft Fair at this time. You can check the Smoky Mountain Railroad web site for more information.

We have appreciated all of the talented crafters that have worked with us. We wish all of you the best in the future.

If you are in Maggie Valley be sure and stop by Poppy’s Little Knife Store and say hello.